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The ultimate DDI Architect Course

It took a decade for my name to be associated with DNS, DHCP & IPAM and for customers to start calling me Mr. DDI.

You can achieve this faster with my support.

You can become the next Mr. DDI - or Mrs. DDI ;-)


Building Block One - Initiation

Building Block Two - Landscape Analysis

  • Setting Foundations
  • The Architect's Knowledge Base
  • Budgeting made easy
  • Discovery of Responsibilities
  • Gain an Overview
  • Discovery of the current DNS Architecture
  • Discovery of the current DHCP Architecture
  • Discovery of the current IPAM Architecture

Building Block Three - Discovery of Weak-Points

Building Block Four - Solution Design

  • Best Practices in Core Network Services
  • Known Issues in Architectures
  • Known Issues in Organizations
  • Building a rock-solid DNS Architecture
  • Building a rock-solid DHCP Architecture
  • Building a rock-solid IPAM Architecture
  • Execute Design Normalization

Building Block Five - Performing a DDI Migration

Building Block Six - Further Development

  • Product Selection
  • Project Design
  • Mapping out the Migration Steps
  • Specifying the Migration Concept
  • Authorization Concept
  • Monitoring Concept
  • Patch & Update Management
  • Eliminate the Legacy